Monday, January 28, 2013

Woodland Finds

Whatever could have caused this?
This is a solid rock with deep crevices in it, 
perhaps carved from water runoff over the years?
My husband and granddaughter say 
dinosaur print!
I think it's Big Foot !
Crazily enough, Google Earth used to report Big Foot sightings
and someone reported one right in our valley.
Personally, I think it was our hairy construction worker friend
scratching his back on a tree in the dark. LOL

Then, what's this?
A opossum paw print, perfectly made in the moss? 

What a shaggy tree-
one of our many shag bark hickory trees.
I wonder why the bark does this?

How about this tree root with rocks wedged inside.
Beautiful patterns.

Last but not least --
I really want to know what these two plants are.
It grows everywhere, even though snow,
so I am wondering if it would be a potential food source?
Any guesses?

The things you can find during a walk in the woods!


  1. I'm not good at identifying plants, even if I have a picture to look at.
    You might be able to identify it through google.

    Good luck and have a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

  2. I vote dinosaur print! Love that shaggy tree too! No help here on the plants either.

  3. I think termites ate the cuts into the wood in the first photo.

    1. It's a rock. That's what is so strange about it.

    2. I bet if you posted that picture in a geology forum some one could tell you real quick what did that. It may well be a fossil though. You've got plenty of them in Missouri.

  4. That rock would be sitting in my garden if I saw it! Along with the rocks embedded in the roots. I know of a rock like it alongside a creek bed but it's too big to move. I love oddities like that in my garden. I think that bigger plant is some kind of sorrel.

  5. If I saw that rock and it was movable it would be sitting in my flower garden ~ along with the rocks in the roots. I love those oddiites of nature. I know of a rock like that alongside a creek bed but it's way to big to move. I think the larger of your mystery plant is some kind of sorrel.

  6. Great finds .. they go along with things that go bump in the night ;)

  7. I love your findings...perhaps each an inspiration for a quilt rock my sweet