Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Snow

New Year's Eve Snow

The chicks in their coop, 
all nestled and snug.
no treats in their yard,
and nary a bug.

The courtyard is still, 
all whitewashed in snow,
No kids catching frogs,
or shooting their bow.

But smart little cats,
to the garage they do creep,
on top of the four wheeler-
a great place to sleep.

Or maybe all curled
and tucked into a bin
Not a snore or a yowl,
you could hear the drop of a pin.

The brave little ones,
on the porch they do stay,
to gobble the bits
of food for the strays.

Woodland bark is all aglow
with hamster* sized flakes
of bright white snow
the poor little birds- oh where do they go?

The feeders are empty
The fowl must be mad
I'll have to remedy this
before The Birds turn bad.

*hamster sized flakes
You may be wondering about this- LOL.
Our newscaster (Dave Murray) used this term to describe the flakes one year, 
and it stuck (no pun intended)!

We have to travel to Eureka to get Taylor
since her mom has to work tonight :(
It's a Four Wheel Drive Day!

Happy New Year!
Stay Safe- Stay Warm

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Wonders

A walk through the property uncovered 
the mysterious wonders of trees.

From nesting

to strange growths

or a tree sprouting a tail

still very much alive
in December's frosty air.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Little lovely Mama Raccoon, blind in one eye, 
had been a  dinner guest for several years.  
She would eat with our Wild Cats, side by side. 
I'm not sure she knew she was a raccoon!  

She's not around anymore but she left a gift
Several little "mama' raccoons to take her place
fat and fluffy, sharing food with the cats.

I'll miss Mama though, she was a sweet one.