Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BOM Progress

This was copied from my 
which is probably where it should be 
since it's quilt related- however- now it's on both.

Block of the Month- Amish with a Twist
using fabric from Marcus Brothers 
designed by Judie Rothermel.
This week it will be block 9 and maybe 10
depending on how my quilt shop structures it.
( quilt photo credit on Sew Susie Q site link.)

You pay for the pattern up front
then each month you get the fabric for that block free
and whichever installment of the pattern you are on
This one is broken down into several installments.

It's a basic quilt but I've never done a black quilt before.
Once we have completed the 12 main blocks 
you can choose to purchase the finishing kit
plus she is having an applique class for the border.
There will be an optional border if you don't like applique.

I'll see if I want to complete it or not when the time comes.
But for now, I'm just practicing blocks and meeting up with 
the quilters each month to see what everyone has made.
I see optional background fabrics on the Marcus Brothers BOM site 
that might be interesting plus an Amish with a Twist II
that is much more intricate.

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