Sunday, January 27, 2013

Woodland Cats

We took advantage between freezes,
Mother Nature's little hint of Spring
with a sunny Saturday-
just before the midnight icing.
I found some time to take a walk 
around the property to see what there was to see.

I spied some catnip, still growing beneath the rosebush.
Somebody was very happy about it!
See the little green leaf by Gimp's ear?

Gimps got her name when, as a kitten, she fell off the woodpile
and was gimpy for a few days.
It sort of stuck.

Spot came along for the walk.
He's the tough guy- loves the females but you'd better not be a tomcat!
Our other male keeps his distance.

Lizzie sleeping in her potato bin in the garage.

Rumbles wondering why I am taking a photo of her.


Currently, we have
  1. Lizzie- Grey tabby.  Deaf and lives in the garage, hates other cats, loves people.
  2. Rumbles- lives in a woodpile, gentle and tortoise shell colored.
  3. Gimps- sweet, scared of everyone but me. Lives in the garage with Lizzie but keeps her distance.
  4. Spot- black and white, thinks he is my baby but aggressive towards male cats
  5. Specks- short for specter.  She is tortoise shell, loves people, drools on you when she's happy
  6. Sugar Bear- male, tabby.  Loves my husband and I.  Husband can never remember the cat's name.  No photo, he doesn't care to have his picture taken.
None of them are inside cats.  After 30 years we are cat free indoors and it's helped my husband's migraines.  I can't have any more in the house but desperately want a kitty condo (I call it a cat house but get strange looks from people).  I want to try making one from pallets, but I need help with the tools--if some nice husband will help me make one!

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  1. I thought I had a lot of cats . I have four. Three live in the house and the fourth comes and goes as she pleases. Then I also have two dogs. We have a house full . My husband says the animals rule the house. Not true. Ok maybe a little true. LOL

  2. Neat. I didn't know you had another blog Kathy.

    1. I didn't really either. I wanted to try some changes but didn't want to mess up my blog so I created a "fake" on about cats and someone found out- I forgot about my blogger profile! So, I thought, why not post about the cats, quilts and woods here and use Moving On To The Past for what is really was supposed to be about- learning old skills, self sufficiency, etc.

  3. Enjoyed the Kitty Meet 'n Greet, thanks! :)
    And yes, I think it would be just WONDERFUL if your darling husband help you make a kitty condo!

  4. A kitty condo would be really cool, I hope you can convince your sweet hubby to help you!! ;)
    We have a barn cat but rarely see it, except at 3:30 AM when it comes and visits the house cats through the front window. We aren't even sure if it is a male or a female but I'm starting to think female, in which case we should be seeing more barn cats soon! LOL!!

  5. Thanks for bringing your fab crew to Feline Friday! I also enjoyed the meet-n-greet :)

  6. winter cat condo can be made with straw bales
    lady made one for the outside cats and peeped in one day to see if they were using it.
    it was full of hibernating opossums!