Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Surprise Comment!

I was so surprised to get a comment on my
Cats, Quilts and Wild Woodland Things blog.
I haven't updated this in a long time but
I think I need to get back to it, keeping
it separate from my other blog.

It made me realize that I don't have photos of
some of the finished projects so once again,
I will need to take inventory of what I still have.
I made this out of owl fabric for my daughter
(pictured on the left) who is crazy about owls. 

This table runner is made out of bee fabric.

My mircrowave bowl cover to protect my hands
or to nestle a nice cold bowl of ice cream in! 

The quilt I made for Mom.

One of the blocks in my BOM, still unfinished!

This is my Wickedly Red quilt that I keep on the bed.
It's an easy fat quarter pattern that you can
stack and wack and then mix up the pieces.

This is the center block of my BOM.

Mom's table runner.

Some silly Christmas fabric that is so pretty
and goes with the funky Santa!

This is Quilty, my winter snuggly quilt that I keep in the living room. 
It's a flurry charm pack with an uneven nine patch design.

I'll post more as I come across old photos and make new projects.


  1. Me? Maybe? When I saw the title of your blog, it drew me in right away since I love cats and quilting too. Loved seeing your quilts!

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving your comment about the "pass it off" doll. Now I'm going over to your main blog ~~

  2. Yes, you! It was so nice, I have posted in awhile and it was great to know someone saw it still!