Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Pretty Blooming Spring

No matter what you throw at it, 
Spring finds a way to add a little beauty to it.

A charred trunk gets a helping hand from an early wild flower 

One of the red buds gets helped along by one of our big bumbles.
I absolutely love these bees. They will fly right up to you,
hovering at head level, as if they are trying to determine 
what you are or what you are doing,  Once satisfied, off they go.
They will even move out of the way if I am weeding the flower bed
and then resume what they were doing once I have finished.

Others are not as patient but still have a job to do.

Wood sorrel blankets huge areas of the yard
along with dutchmen's breeches 

and wild phlox.

I'm not certain when I have seen so many May Apples either.

And red buds bursting with pinkish purple blooms bordering the woodland areas.

While all our storms and drenching rains have caused many difficulties
it has been a bonus for the plants.


  1. Isn't Spring beautiful? I love the names of all these plants.
    We get huge bumble bees when the wisteria blooms and again when the figs come on the tree too!

  2. Your land has to be beautiful ! The pictures alone make me want to live there.

  3. What lovely touches of color you have in your spring landscape!